Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Look Around And See...

We walk around,  we see many things . What cues do we take from them?  I manage or try to learn or gain at least a lesson from things I see around. Knowing that life always has a message to pass across to anyone who cares to listen or hear.
If we wait till we have troubles before seeking solutions, we may be in for shockers. Knowing that in that time of trouble, our hearts are desperate to hear only what we want to hear; truth at such times becomes hard and difficult to face. But when you are well prepared for it, when it comes , it's nothing, cos you already have a backing.
Set your mind right and see lessons even as you move on with your daily routine. Let life speak and be diligent enough to hear and understand : In it lies your power - be well prepared , Know that the well prepared warrior is the one that appears to be the Hero always. No secret to it, He is ever-ready and thus the battle seems easier.
Prepare yourself for what life will bring, be set to turn around every negative situation to a positive climb. You are stronger than you think.

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