Sunday, May 14, 2017

And The Door Was Not Locked......

I had a sweet funny experience this morning. 
....... and the door was not locked........
I wanted to use a particular door in the house since I woke up in the early hours of the day. Getting to the door, I didn't see the keys, so I resulted to using another door which is a longer route to the main stairs leading to where I wanted to go. I had to use this route a couple of times.
 And at a point I decided to go search for the keys, at least to make moving around less trouble. So, I searched and Voila ! I found the keys. 
 Inside my handbag. Excitedly, I rushed to the door, inserted the key, and to my amazement , the door has only been shut and not locked. 😳.  I was dazed and wondered, why didn't I attempt to open the door all along, what have me the impression the door was locked..... different questions raged my mind. My hub came along and said, he had used the same door today and he never thought I assumed it was locked because the key was with me. 
 .. and the first answer I got from within was "did you attempt at opening the door once?" I sighed, and several thoughts flooded in. Leading to this piece.  How many times do we assume a door is locked and we walk away from it, without attempting to open it , putting in our efforts , trying to make it work. Many of us withdraw from opportunities and potential opportunities by merely looking at it and assuming it's a heavy task. You never know which door will lead you towards your dreams until you have the courage to walk through it. 
 If you pull up the courage and Confidence to walk into opportunities and grab them. How many times have we sat down waiting for chances to come and happen to us, meanwhile the chances are out there, waiting for us too. Be an opener of doors. 
 Sometimes, just as in my case, the situation only looks closed and locked. It's not! Let your mind be open and make attempts before giving up. Many opportunities in life appear disguised.  Never underestimate anything or anyone. Have a mind open to miracles, and lots of good things. Like attracts like. Your mind will attract what it looks like. Stay bitter attract bitter; stay good attract good. 
Never give up at anytime. Keep reaching out for your goals. 
 Attempt it, it may lead to the miracles that look so far fetched. 
If the door does not open. Never think fate is not in your favour. Sometimes we struggle with the wrong things while Better things await us. Maybe what's not working isn't meant for you, what if something greater is just in the next door and you're busy struggling in this room because it's door opened first. Why not look ahead and see   
 Until your expectations come real, stay thankful and full of praise. You have more gifts of life that money cannot buy. Be full of gratitude, it makes the heart and spirit healthy. 
 Don't be like me this morning, assuming the day is locked and walked away. Just do it. Write that proposal, approach that person, propose , make that move, submit the application. What you fear sometimes, is equally afraid of you. Take the bull by the horns and watch doors swing wide open in your favour. 
And whenever a door shuts, it's a sign of a new entry. Look forward to it and discover it, then enter with full faith. 
 Exit the old and enter the new. 
 Make positive confessions and let your mind be tuned do positive things. Wake up each day with hopes and see how reality interprets what your spirit speaks right into your world. 
  Walk into your doors of opportunities and take over territories, that's why you are here. Not to watch things happen , but to make things happen. 

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