Monday, September 16, 2013

TREND LEADERS. DGV Fashion Academy Rocks truly!!!

I recall when some of them walked in.... the hope on their faces, the fears in their eyes; the anticipation as the days moved, everyone ready to learn and prove they are in for it and ready to show the world what's in them. when the showcased at the anniversary, I was more than awed and humbled. and grateful that these ones had chosen the good path.
 these designs by Naheemah who had only been at the academy for less than 3 months

 Mrs Omotehinse, didn't waste her time even with a little pretty baby girl to nurse, she made sure her few months at the academy was fully maximized....
 Mrs Olagbade, in d middle of these girls, is one of our oldest mummys on the block, she took her time to learn with all humility, and even sent her daughter to train with us, no wonder shes making great waves in the city of IB today.
 Adeola, My oyinbo natured babe; had only been with us for about 2 months before the event too, and as her profile dazzled the audience, so did her designs and collection. thumbs up!
 Oyin-Oyin, 'robotopompom', uncles mini baby, humble ,cool and calm had designs u would want to give anything for, a serving corper when she joined the academy, now a full blown fashion stylist/designer.
 my chinkoistic Peroo! this guy almost got the hall rocking with claps when his collection floored the stage. WHAO!!! and his Exit wth his little model, was simply superb!

 Mrs Toun, hmmmm.......very quiet, a lady of few words, deep and sound. this woman would hardly speak, but her works.....speak wonders......!!! coming with her few weeks baby to start the Academy was a great sacrifice, but the price is worth it now, baby Sulton now the cute model for mummy.
BJnson, as we fondly call him, Bolaji ,a fine artist before adding the skill of designing and styling to his CV, never ceases to daze us with his designs, I fondly call him 'circle circle- square square' . keep rocking!
(.........................more to come................................stay tuned.............)
     what if they had procrastinated? what if they had held back? what if they had spent the time wishing, waiting for the perfect time that will never come?
it only tells us, use the time you have now.

the time some have spent waiting, especially in the face of the present situation in our universities; some wise ones have spent this time well and made something tangible from it.
and wise ones are still turning in daily to DGV FASHION ACADEMY.
don't hold back, let that dream LIVE!

inside Walan hotel ring road Ibadan, off akinyemi way.
Oyo State, Nigeria.
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