Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Ambience of the "Ember" Amber.

Hmmmmmm........ Exactly, just like amber lights. ...the Ember months are here and we are privileged to be part of the 2013 version. ....We thank thee oh Lord......
       I can clearly recall just like yesterday when we all shouted "Happy New Year"....... New Resolutions, new Decisions, new, new, new....
How new are they now??? And gradually, the year is ending. ......will you just give up? Or give in?
     I had a broad smile on my face again today when one of my students walked up to me and said "Aunty, thank you, see what I can do in just a short time" , I smiled and said "you made it easier when you made the decision to learn and decided to walk in here". This happens time to time and I always wonder 'is it really me?' - NO! Its them of course. If you don't speak and preach to yourself, others can only try.

    Making the decision to get that dream real, backed up by taking the necessary steps towards achieving it- is the right and perfect way to becoming that Great Someone in life.
      Each time my students smile and jump after completing a project, I see the joy of an achiever. And I get to wonder,  how many people are still procrastinating thereby depriving themselves of this joy....hmmmm.
        The Ember months' Amber are just beginning to flash now. You can still make that decision and achieve something before 2013 ends. .... September is here.....make hay before you start hearing Christmas carols...
    Get moving!  Keep Walking! JUST DO IT!

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