Monday, August 4, 2014

Fashion School beyond sewing and cutting. ......

I like the defining my work.
People often ask, "are you a tailor?" And I always reply,  "Yes, and more"
Apart from being a trained Journalist, which is still in the blood *winks*   I am more than a tailor, I speak, coach, train, raise, cook (lol), and a million other jobs I multitask on.
The moment you realize your duty goes beyond what you're doing presently, then you start seeing life on a wider scope.
    Why should you as a designer or stylist get involved in certain discussions with people and not have good idea and contribution to the issues.
We raise our students at DGV Fashion Academy as embodiments of knowledge, we do our best to ensure you should be sound and versed in many other areas apart from the sewing skills acquired.
         Like I said, don't just be all beauty, all good looks, pack some good brains in your luggage. It makes you stand head tall even in your field.
We had a great kick off in class this morning, wish I could put it all in words. The idea is, there's a lot more to you if only you dare to dig deeper and get the gold out.
Shine!, that's what you're born to do.
Dont settle for the ordinary. Step Up! #YesYouCan

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