Saturday, May 23, 2015

A Reason to Consider learning a Skill.- The Fear of Job Insecurity

An Observer's Point of View.....

The week went pretty well at DGV Fashion Academy. Everybody facing their classes. Each student here have different projects to handle. No matter how similar the projects look, their individuality was required as a major input. No 2 jobs should look alike.... A good one for aspiring Fashion designers I will say.....
I observed that everyone had, and knew what to do at every point in time. Some needed little help from an Assistant Instructor, some were doing well and the Principal Instructor only had to highlight one or two things to them to keep their projects on track.
The instructors and the students all seem very busy all the time. Let's say, no idle moment here. I observed,  if you want to play, or catch fun, or while away your time, don't bother coming here. The Principal Instructor frowns seriously at idleness or any form of laziness. "Iron Lady I call her in whispers"
I also observed that everyone including the Instructors has a somewhat special bonding, they talk like friends even in the midst of the hard work and good discipline. They always have fun moments.
The students here cut across different age groups, the teenagers, the youths and the "grown Youths or say Adults" and they all bond so well. (Double thumbs up)
  I noticed that the school runs a flexible time table for the Working class students, some came after work and some came to classes during their break and weekends. This is a good pointer. As I had a chat with one of the working class student who gave the reason for enrollment at DGV Fashion Academy as a means of securing tomorrow, nobody knows what the job employers can come up with anytime...... good point....
The school is registered and government approved. By all standards, I rate the school well. Thinking of a fashion school in Ibadan? Then Think DGV FASHION ACADEMY. It is really a place to be .
...... I will conclude my observations in the concluding part. ....
Thanks to the school for having me around. ... I totally enjoyed the experience. (To be continued. .....)
    I am Mr A.. 😎

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