Thursday, April 30, 2015

We Love 'em Our Men.... Stylish...

I just thought this morning that I do more of ladies talk and personally, I love men's fashion. Maybe because my male clients have been the best thus far. Less stress, they appreciate every little extra touch of oomph on their outfits. Menswear tickles my fancy personally, likewise my male students tend to be creative and settled. Their focus is straight and sharp.
So I'll take a little time out with men today.  We like our men as  ' Hot Steppers'. Never take for granted the power of looking dapper.  It gives you that audience even before you say a word.
Respect is birthed when you appear and catch all attention.  Generally, men take dressing for granted, I wish they knew what a 'power-dresser' guy does to people around him. Before he speaks, people have heard.  When your dressing commands respect, what more do you have to say.
You may not be taken seriously, depending on how you dress or look. If you're keeping 'em beards, keep it well groomed. Even with the paunch, dress to kill, some ladies fall for it you know *winks*.  You don't have to pack all the 6 packs before you get attention.  Eyes are not only out for the ladies, we look out for our men too. We want them to care just a little more about appearance and fashion. A well dressed man gat our eyes always. 😍😎👔👞

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