Thursday, August 6, 2015

A peek into the week at IBCFC ✂️✂️✂️

The week at the college. 
Each task came through.... Everyone digging deep to get into the business of fashion. 
This team had to transform a plain fabric into a 3d design and the outcome came out cool.... The design above can be used to design both male and female attires. Depending on the creativity of the designer. 
Menswear class had their time with plaid and plain. 
Batwing top by student (beginner class)

Just a small insight into the week at IBADANCITY Fashion College (DGV Fashion Academy)
If you're still contemplating what to do with your free hours, we suggest you learn a skill. It always come handy. And the advantages in learning fashion cannot be pushed aside. 
 See more works on Instagram @dgvstyles
IBADANCITY fashion college is in Ibadan,oyo state Nigeria. 
Behind capital building ring road - take the tarred road opposite KFC ring road, it leads there.

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