Thursday, August 6, 2015

My Watch taught me a lesson

I had a small battle with my wristwatch and very funny, it taught me a small but vital lesson. Maybe because I have that habit of trying to get a message from any little thing, a bit quirky...yeah I know right...

I decided to flex small and use my new wristwatch, trying to get the right hole for the watch I discovered that the one that would fit my small wrist was the very one that decided not to have a hole, 'manufacturers error?' , I thought this person must be wicked, why this hole and all others are through...... fighting myself whether to put the watch down till another day and postpone my flex 'jare,'  or to sort it.... I put the watch back. But a part of me wanted to just launch my new gift, so I decided to look for a way to punch it myself, if I don't do it now, one day I'll eventually have to. So let the day be that day....
I stepped out into my Tailor's tool box (which has the funniest tool you can ever imagine a tailor could have. ) I got a large size needle and got my soft muscles ready to punch this hole with all the super power I have 💪💪. By the time I hit the hole, the poor thing gave way without any stress I envisaged. I paused and wondered,............ many times have I given up on a situation that seemed huge not knowing it's just a minor hurdle. How many times have you and I tried giving up on a seemingly difficult situation just because we didnt want to take our chances.  Once in a while, we need to just look a bit deeper and try just a little more. What We thought is a mountain, just could be a molehill.
Giving up too soon when things don't go our way is often the norm, if only we just hold on a little longer,  the ugly caterpillar is on its way to becoming a beautiful butterfly.
Don't give up on that small trial, I could have just given up and probably given the watch to someone with bigger wrist thinking it would never size me. (No harm in giving out) but I would have given it out because I gave up on it not because I wanted to give it truly.
Small silly story, but it sure left a good lesson for me and I hope you get something from it too.
Keep holding on..... never give up because God doesn't give up on us easily. Believe you can and yes you will!
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