Thursday, March 24, 2016

Chase Your Dream

As often said, chase your dream before others hire you to chase theirs. And yet we still have so many crashed and crushed dreams and visions. Yes. Because , many dream chasers had no personal dream but only a photocopy of someone else's dream. 
The reason for so many failed vision today is because many people were acting like they had it all together when they had nothing. You don't have to rush to be a Boss, life is a process, and it happens in phases and stages. 
Before you decide to chase a dream, have you sat to weight the pros and cons? Have you learned enough to keep you stayed on the journey. Because an in-prepared for journey is a failure from the beginning.  Don't wake up to repeat what you see someone else doing, you don't even know where they are coming from. 
As a fashion teacher ,I have met a lot of people and I end up realizing that, the need to be a boss quickly is the main reason we have many crafts people but less skilled and proficient ones. 
Professionalism is built and helped by experience. Nothing compares to a deep and full well of experience. It makes you avoid many pitfalls. 
Don't be all about the money , the game etc. be all about quality. Let your works be good enough to represent you even if you're not there. 
Learn your art so well that you become a master. 

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