Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The CrossRoad of Plan B.

The rate of insecurity caused by the recent economic changes is daily on the rise. And many who have never questioned their stand in their work places are starting to. For those who have side businesses, they at least have a Plan B. For those who don't have, it's a different side of the coin entirely. The fear alone can be dangerous and cause other health risks.
When you get to a crossroad, it may be sometimes difficult to make a decision. The best bet is to at least have a plan hidden somewhere that can come in handy.
If you report to work daily and close with a low dose of contentment or satisfaction, something may be wrongly placed. Peradventure, you're not feeling fulfilled there. But before you opt out, weigh all options available.
You may decide to give the options some trial versions before deciding to go fully. It's seen that when people see others succeeding in a particular field, they tend to believe it is easy as it looks. It may not be the exact case, until you try.
Be sure you want to do it to avoid you giving up midway.
Do not resign or leave a job if you're uncertain. And if you're relieved of a job, before investing in a new business, be very sure. Investment should not be a trial and error case.
The best and safest time to have a Plan B is when you still have a Plan A going. Except the only plan you intend working on from the start is Plan A.
At every crossroad, look well before picking a route.

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