Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Timing. Training. Vision.

And here comes September. As always the days, the weeks, the months fly by and suddenly we realize we have been postponing too much and time is fast passing by. I know quite a couple of people who came to realize September is near only when August was about ending. 
Certain factors in our dear nation made this year run by so fast. But if you had consciously woken up daily to think of making each day worth it, it really won't be a shock to see how much you would have accomplished by now. 
      Everybody loves and wants progress. But Not everyone works for it or towards it. Every one wants to be great, but not everyone can make the sacrifices involved in the process

PROCESS. I believe strongly in this word. Maybe because the life of a butterfly is a lesson I have refused to forget since school days. The Metamorphosis. If it will be beautiful, it has to go through a process. Unfortunately, the trend nowadays is - desiring the glory but not willing to go through the process / processes involved. 
Stepping up the stairs is a conscious effort, no miracle will work some things for you and I until we walk and do our part. There is a ladder up, you can't jump the process in the life building, otherwise you will be gunning for fast failure. 
Why do you want to be a sudden millionaire, a sudden boss, and not wanting to go through what people you look up to have been through. ?

Timing is the starting point. Understand what times are saying. Like the country presently is saying a lot of things that the wise ones can maximize and be happy they did. And others will only sit and complain until they realize time is gone. 
If you don't act now, it maybe too late. What you have may be needed now and while you stay rumbling and still thinking of what to do, the need for it might pass. And it enters the "too late" mode. 
Know and trust the timing. 
The process takes time and that we all have to understand. Don't look for cheap fame, I've realized it brings more trouble and doesn't allow many to dig their roots in, resulting in premature births of vision which fails to stand the test of time. 
Have a vision for what you want and how you want it. It happens. If you want to be an entrepreneur, what type? How do you want that business to influence others and convince the world you know what you are made of.? 
Don't just see, see deeply and always write it down. Documentation is a gift becoming rare too soon. I've come to know that things we write down have a way of working for us. 
Always move on. If something isn't working well, it's season may not be now. It's like having an iced block machine in the land of ice. You need to move to where your talent is needed. Don't force yourself staying where the vision my die. 
Once you realize, Take action. Move and make the vision real. The ideas you have is not solely yours, someone is getting the same idea, so while you are there wasting time, the other person may get it done and fill in the need gap. ACT!
Value every minute. Avoid time wasters. They could be friends you can't do without, or gadgets etc. value the time given to you. 
Whatever you know isn't always for public consumption. And when it is for public consumption, there should be a price attached even if it is a token of their time or cash. Giving for free most time makes people not add value to what they  are being given. 
Action without preparation spells disaster.  Don't launch before your time. Work on yourself and what you want to show the world. Many are too fast to make 'others' see what they have. Preparation gets you stable and your feet firm standing. 
When the vision is clear, we tend to believe - Yes I Am Ready- to let the world know what i have to offer. Wait a Sec, don't move before the green light comes on, you may run into danger. Timing and Training  walks hand in hand. 
Self training. 
No one goes into battle unprepared. 
Your vision may burn inside you, but it should enable you to endure the wait, because you know it’s worth it to get it right.
Vision always precedes preparation. 
Get it right and you would have gotten it well.Arrange in the right order. 
Those standing the test of times have put it all in place to make it it well rooted and able to stand. 
Remember , in times like this , the wise ones  use the moment to express what they have that is needed. Time will pass but those who can use it to their advantage would have. 
If your service can replace what people would normally get with forex, get down and work to make your products or service able to stand the completion and gain acceptance. 
Don't waste the opportunities flying around. Before you join the nagging and complaining wagon, think deep. This could be your chance to Shine. 

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