Saturday, July 30, 2016

Sewing Corners - Finishing Techniques

When it comes to the business of fashion, and with the recent trend of ready-to-wear, there is no shortcut to your finishing skills on that sewing project. It mostly provides the difference between the two statements - "where did you make this outfit?" And "where did you buy this outfit". 
Generally, most believe the ready to wear takes more details than what the average tailor or fashion designer can make. I've often heard people say it's computer that makes the readymades. Well I'm waiting for that computer because I would love to have one too, to reduce the manpower and stress involved. 
The attention given to ready to wears or off the counter wears make them unique and exquisite. It is believed the buyer will check every detail before purchasing. But this should be a regular and normal thing we do on all sewing projects, even though many skip them. 
I've heard students say, when I'm done I will give it all it takes, it never happens. You get used to what you do constantly. 
The finishing part at the base of the project is our focus today. Some projects are well put together and the only clause is the taping of the base or the corners. Constant practice can solve this if you put your mind to it when sewing your next project. 
Especially the base of men's tops, turn in the corners should be done with every inch of detail. It says a lot about the designer and how much attention you pay to the tiny details. 
Even when you are hemming the base, carefully fold the edges that they appear at an almost perfect view. 
You can fold and sew the corners up like this the trim to achieve that perfect pointed turn-out before turning to finish the folding up of the base. 
This will give that sharp look at the edge of the base. 
The crisp look is always a style point when you see or notice a good looking and well made menswear. 
Fold , cut and sew. Plus these, iron well till the edges are as sharp as. Your ironing is a key selling point you don't want to joke with. 
Get the tapes on the neck and scissors in hand and get the magic on. 
You can be better by the day if you put in a little extra daily on self improvement. 

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