Sunday, September 21, 2014

Don't Wait, Make It Happen

Are you one of those who wait quietly for things to happen. There is absolutely nothing bad in waiting. The only problem is the good part might have gone to those who are on the move, before those sitting in waiting room get the left over.
I know patience is a virtue, and we all need to learn the place of patience. But we need to learn the place of Timing. Good timing is a gateway to some new exciting stages in life.
When to wait. ...... and when to make it Happen.
If you sat all the days waiting, what if what you are waiting for is equally waiting for you?
I want to be on the move and I want the opportunities to meet me ready and set. Get up and make it work! You get older each day so why are you still on the Rest-Chair?
Let the Chances and Opportunities meet you well prepared.

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