Monday, September 1, 2014

Make it a September to Remember

It's 9 months, so soon..... how time flies....
I can actually sit now and clearly recall how we all screamed Yaay its 2014, and here is 2014 going going going. ....again. hmmmmmmm...... time truly flies,and waits for no man.
Some of us, just like me are wishing we could add more hours to the day, or hold the year down a bit so we can achieve more records. .... but, pity, NO we can't.  It's running, you'd better get those trainers and sneakers on and race on...
     Sitting back, I can look up, think a little and actually say I have tried...... I may not be where I wish to be yet, I may not have all I wish I could have, but I have ensured I justified each day of this year the best way I could.
Here I am, staring at the few weeks left; only one thing is sure, and that is telling myself to get on the track and pick up the race even at a better speed. 2014 must not go without me fulfilling my part. ..... what about You?
Those dreams, vision, Goal, is the same zeal and enthusiasm you kicked off with in January still burning?
And if the year ends just like that, what will your report be?
The weather won't always be favourable, the conditions won't always be pleasing. .... Only the lazy man looks for excuses.... achievers go for it at all cost.
Are you still waiting for that Job, contract etc...... While in the waiting room, invest that time, it will only yield additional result.
Get up, make this a September to Remember. .... Time waits for no one

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