Tuesday, September 9, 2014

On The Way Up

When you are on a surface level for a while ,you definitely will enjoy the ambience. Smooth soft easy.... and often times it becomes a 'Comfort Zone'
Nobody likes leaving the comfort zone, its not easy at all in any way. But when we're ripe for a new level, especially if you're walking in line with God's purpose for your life, even if you're not ready, He puts you on that journey to the top.
......when the journey starts, remember its a trip to the TOP. Its like you're climbing a hill. Its hard, its difficult, painful, not easy.
       On this Trip ,you will lose many things; weights will start dropping........... What weights you ask? Friends, colleagues, family, friends, even hope, determination, may start failing too, but Focus will keep you taking those hard steps and hard knocks and keeping on. Grace will keep you moving when your strength fails.
At some stage, you may start looking for shortcuts or going back to your comfort zone. NEVER do that, Just Keep Walking, keep moving.
Mostly at the tip of the top, you may find you're alone and helpless, it gets even more difficult and tempting to go back, thats when you're almost there. The next few very hard and difficult steps will land you There. And THERE, you can and will look back and smile. Seeing and enjoying the view from standing on top. Seeing how far you have come, looking at those who dropped on the journey with you. Its all to tell you the way up is harder than you think. But the view is more beautiful there.
Keep Holding on, you just might be on the verge of something Greater.

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