Monday, March 23, 2015

Slowly But Surely

The Rush to make it. ... the Rush to be like Mr A or Mrs B or Ms X...... the anxiety to have something like what they have...... is so strong these days that many youths are missing out on the importance of 'Living The Dream'.
Every dream, every vision requires Time. Time to grow, time to bud, time to blossom. So many start out every journey with a great zeal that can light up a city, but on the way, certain factors creep in and events change. Distraction steals the show and the vision changes.
You can never get to the land of achievement when you walk in haste. Slowly but surely if you face your game. The role model you're looking at didn't get up that ladder in one day. If you could get chanced to hear some stories, you may end up not praying for their kind of journey.
While on your own journey to Greatness, follow your own path, that's the only way that leads to your success story.
Rome wasn't built in one day, allow Events, Nature and Life play their cause. It may be slow, just keep walking, keep moving.