Monday, April 27, 2015

Wake up And Smell The Roses

Morning to me is not necessarily that time 'in the morning', when you wake up and get off the bed after long hours of sleep. Morning is when you wake up to the reality of life. That time when you wake and see life the exact way it is. That day you finally see and know why You are here. That moment you see the purpose of your living. To me, that is morning.
Many of us sleep through life, we take things easy , we enjoy the moments and our comfort zones, until the day reality jerks us up and we get startled , seeing things exactly the way they appear.
Maybe too late. Maybe early enough. Maybe early enough to make amends and  necessary changes. Maybe too late to go back? But I know one thing for sure. While there is life, hope abounds. The fact that you have breath says you have that chance to kick off your 'Day' from any moment.
The chance you have today is not because you earned it,  it is because God chose to give you that Grace to still make it happen. The dream is a part of your purpose. Come out strong and make it work. Your world, the world where God has created you to dominate and rule earnestly awaits your manifestation.
Waiting for the right time?.....  It may never come. The weather won't always be right. You have to take the bulls by the horn and choose to MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

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